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    Content ahead includes discussion of diet, restrictive eating, and disordered eating.

    The biggest problem of course is that by making some foods “clean” you make all the others dirty. The impact that can have on a person extends far much further than just a meal. It has recently been…

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  • carolrossettidesign:

    Translated by me and Monica Odom

    [image text] Wendy decided not to give up her last name when she got married. Wendy knows that love doesn’t demand anyone to give up symbols of their own identity in its name. If your name is important to you, you should keep it!

    [texto da imagem] Wendy decidiu não abrir mão do seu sobrenome ao se casar. Wendy sabe que o amor não deve exigir que ninguém abandone símbolos de sua identidade por sua causa. Se seu nome é importante para você, mantenha-o!

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